Falling Kingdoms By Morgan Rhodes


Morgan Rhodes is working on a series called the Falling Kingdoms. This is a series that is placed in a world where there are 3 kingdoms. The three kingdoms are Auranos, Limeros, Paelsia. These three kingdoms each follow a different person within the kingdoms. The three main characters are Princess Cleo, Mangus, and Jonas. These three characters are deeply connected to the different kingdoms.

Princess Cleo is the second daughter of the King in Auranos. Her father rules this kingdom and her sister must take over the crown when her father dies. Cleo is glad for that because she was never raised to be the queen. But her world comes crashing down when a terrible death strikes her.

Magnus is the man to rule Limeros after his father. Limeros is known to be rules by fear and intimidation. Magnus does not believe that he is like his father. He wants his father to be over thrown. But Magnus does something where he realizes he may not be that different then his father.

Jonas is a rebel within Paelsia. His brother was killed and he wants to revenge his death. He wants to find those who are responsible and take their lives because they took his brothers. He rebels against the system but could eventually turn into more then just being a rebel.

Who will survive the war that is coming?

This novel shows the fight between three kingdoms and the greed of one. It is full of action and heart ache. It starts with a bloody scene and they do not stop throughout the book. Morgan Rhodes’ writing is detailed and addictive. I could not put this book down for about 3 hours and I didn’t want the novel to be over. I just wanted it to keep going.


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